Author: Beth Bryan

Before the Build: What to do Before Your Modular Building Arrives

Are you considering purchasing a modular office building but not sure about the details of construction? Let us walk you through the process. Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider to prepare your site for your modular building delivery. One of the great things about using Rose Office Systems as your modular… Read more

Down to Earth: Ground Level Entrances in Modular Construction

As we’ve touched on before, one of the many great benefits of using modular construction is the ability to customize your floor plan. However, this customization also extends to the outside of your building. The outside of your building is the first impression your customers or patients have of your business. Using a ground-level entrance… Read more

Rose Office Systems: Reducing the “Ugly Time”

If we’re being honest, nobody really likes looking at something under construction. We love polished, finished products that we can show off and “oo” and “ah” over. Houses and buildings under construction are eyesores, and new highways or bridges cause us to sit in traffic and be late to work. Even websites under construction hide… Read more

Top 5 Functions of the Modular Jobsite Office for Construction Projects

When your construction project will last months to possibly years, you need a professional setting to keep operations running smoothly.  Modular offices or trailers are a fast and affordable solution for conference space, maintaining administrative programs and offering training space for new employees at the jobsite or remote location.  Here are the top five reasons… Read more

Starting a New Business? Go Modular and Cut Financing Period/Costs in Half!

  One of the hardest parts of starting a business is financing your location and waiting to open its doors.  With modular construction, your waiting period is cut in half and financing is made cheaper and easier with shorter financing periods.  These are just two of the many benefits new business owners experience when choosing to… Read more

Building an office? Modular buildings save you time and money!

There’s no doubt about it. Modular construction is the best way to go if you need to build an office quickly and don’t have a large budget.  Here are the top three reasons to consider a Rose Modular building: Modular Construction is FAST. When you place an order for a modular building, the site construction… Read more

Holy Cross Church Gets New Permanent Modular Building

In December of 2009 Rose Offices built a 5,880 square feet permanent modular building for Holy Cross Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. The church needed sanctuary space for their congregation to have services along with additional classroom space and a “fellowship mall” area for church socials. The building was one of the first that we… Read more

Featured Building: Westminster Christian Academy Modular Classrooms

In early 2009, Rose Offices installed approximately ten thousand square feet of classroom space for a private school in North Alabama. Buildings Feature:   Our signature “Architectural Block” Hardipanel Siding in stucco pattern Specialty brick look perimeter foundation cover EFIS trim molding package on corners, doors, windows and roofline Designer paint colors Pad mounted HVAC… Read more

Toyota Dealership gets Modular Sales Center for Used Car Division

A preowned car sales center is the perfect opportunity to utilize modular construction. This dealership in North Alabama needed a building for their salesmen in a side lot off the main dealership. Rose Office Systems built a specialty building that fit their needs and provided a low cost alternative to site built construction. This building… Read more