Building an office? Modular buildings save you time and money!

There’s no doubt about it. Modular construction is the best way to go if you need to build an office quickly and don’t have a large budget.  Here are the top three reasons to consider a Rose Modular building:

Modular Construction is FAST.

When you place an order for a modular building, the site construction can begin at the same time as the building construction. These two important elements running parallel with each other instead of waiting for the site development to end before the building construction can begin. Site preparations such as earthwork, dirt removal, and utility connections being readied can be in process at the same time as the building is being built. This is a HUGE time saver. Modulars that are built in a climate controlled factory also means construction doesn’t stop for rain delays. Construction of modular buildings are an assembly line in an extra large warehouse. That also means your building materials are not exposed to the elements all during the long construction phase. They are kept dry and out of the sun and rain, which means your building is not starting out pre-weathered from the inside. Manufacturing a modular building, no matter the size, usually takes a matter of a few weeks to a few months. If unexpected weather, permitting or construction delays hold up a jobsite, site building an office could take much longer and equal more headaches for you.

Modular Buildings = Money Savings

With the benefit of purchasing materials in wholesale quantities, our modular building manufacturer can construct your new building at a much cheaper price than a builder who is forced to purchase materials at big-box retailers. The economy of scale is at work for people who choose the modular office route. Other cost-saving benefits include the elimination of architectural fees. Rose employs two full-time interior designers with years of experience in modular construction and commercial office design. Utilizing experienced Rose building designers along with draftsmen and engineering at the factory ensures that your building is not only thoughtfully laid out to suit your needs, but also built to International Building Codes, ADA requirements as well as your state and local code requirements. Let our highly qualified and skilled design staff design your commercial office space and eliminate the need for hefty architectural drawings and schematics.

Let Rose Change Your Mind about Modulars

Rose Office Systems is dedicated to changing the negative connotation associated with words such as “modular building” or “prefab offices”. Rose takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality product with cost savings passed along to the customer. If your company is in need of more office space, consider taking a tour of one of our many modular buildings across the Southeast. Chances are, you’ll never know you are standing inside of a modular building.