Category: Modular Building Cost Savings

Modular Buildings vs. Stick-Built: The Numbers Don’t Lie

There are many benefits to going with a modular building process that we talk about continuously: a shorter construction time, the “greener” construction process and the quality of the buildings themselves. Another major benefit of the modular building process is cost, which is perhaps the largest factor for those looking to build new space. A… Read more

The 80/20 Hybrid Modular Building Process

We’ve all seen the typical construction site. It sits there for months on end, with progress slowly being made until it gets to the point where you may drive by it and say, “Would they hurry up and finish that thing already!” That’s where the 80/20 building process from Rose Offices not only benefits you,… Read more

Top 5 Functions of the Modular Jobsite Office for Construction Projects

When your construction project will last months to possibly years, you need a professional setting to keep operations running smoothly.  Modular offices or trailers are a fast and affordable solution for conference space, maintaining administrative programs and offering training space for new employees at the jobsite or remote location.  Here are the top five reasons… Read more

Starting a New Business? Go Modular and Cut Financing Period/Costs in Half!

  One of the hardest parts of starting a business is financing your location and waiting to open its doors.  With modular construction, your waiting period is cut in half and financing is made cheaper and easier with shorter financing periods.  These are just two of the many benefits new business owners experience when choosing to… Read more

Building an office? Modular buildings save you time and money!

There’s no doubt about it. Modular construction is the best way to go if you need to build an office quickly and don’t have a large budget.  Here are the top three reasons to consider a Rose Modular building: Modular Construction is FAST. When you place an order for a modular building, the site construction… Read more