Down to Earth: Ground Level Entrances in Modular Construction

ground level entrance for modular building
Ground-level entrances for modular buildings.

As we’ve touched on before, one of the many great benefits of using modular construction is the ability to customize your floor plan. However, this customization also extends to the outside of your building. The outside of your building is the first impression your customers or patients have of your business.

Using a ground-level entrance with your modular building can not only boost the appearance of your building but also make it easily accessible for everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities.

In an earlier post, we talked about how as humans we love finished and well-designed products. Unfinished or low-quality items are easy to spot, especially if they are at the front entrance to your medical clinic, bank, sales center or other building.  If an unsightly wooden deck that was hastily constructed is the first thing that greets your customers, you might not be making the best first impression.

A ground-level entrance is a great way to add some character and appeal to the front of your building. Rose Office Systems has installed various options for ground-level entrances using retaining walls or bermed ramps. The results are not only great looking entrances but ones that are functional as well.

An important reason for ground-level entrances deals with accessibility for everyone despite age or health status. All Rose buildings are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Code requirements, and ground-level entrances are essential in helping those with disabilities access your commercial building. Whether you are looking to add space for a medical clinic, bank, sales center or other type of building, it needs to be accessible to everyone.

The determination for the look and feel of your ground-level entrance is made during the design and layout process and is dependent upon your site.  Rose Offices strives to accommodate just about any idea you have. Give us a call today to learn how we can give your new building an eye-catching and useful front entrance!