Modern Modular Buildings: Changing your idea of Modular Office Buildings


Would you believe this is a modular building?

Westwood Church Classroom Building

Believe it.

When you picture a modular building, what image comes to mind? Something that you see on a side of the road construction jobsite?

A tiny trailer with aluminum siding and no roofline?

We are here to tell you that today’s modular buildings look nothing like that.

Rose Office Systems is a Birmingham, Alabama based company that serves the Southeastern United States with commercial modular buildings. Founded by Garry Cain in 1997, the company quickly became one of the industry leaders in customized high-end modular buildings. With an eye for design and years of experience, Garry and his team provide specialty modular construction that focuses on the customer’s needs while providing attractive and affordable modular building solutions.

In our entries on this blog, we hope to show you how our high quality and beautiful modular buildings can change the face of your campus. Join us in discovering how we can help you! We look forward to providing a lot of information about the construction techniques that we use as well as giving you floor plan ideas and ways to save money on your construction project.

Thanks for visiting our website!  We look forward to working with you on your next building project.