The 80/20 Hybrid Modular Building Process

80-20We’ve all seen the typical construction site. It sits there for months on end, with progress slowly being made until it gets to the point where you may drive by it and say, “Would they hurry up and finish that thing already!” That’s where the 80/20 building process from Rose Offices not only benefits you, but the surrounding businesses and community as well.

The goal of the 80/20 modular building process is to complete as much of your project as possible in a secure and climate-controlled warehouse to ensure a quality product. The name “80/20 Hybrid” refers to this simple equation: 80% factory-built + 20% site-built = 100% appealing.

Here’s how the 80 percent built in the factory breaks down:

  • The frame and floor of modules are assembled and floor coverings are installed, whether it’s roll vinyl, carpet or another flooring option
  • Walls of modules are put together then raised to attach to the floor
  • Windows and doors are fitted and trimmed out.
  • In most cases, all of the necessary plumbing and electrical/lighting fixtures are installed at the factory
  • Air conditioning units are attached to the exterior of each module
  • Module ceilings and roofs are attached after insulation, ductwork and wiring has been installed
  • Once the building is off the assembly line, finish work begins with exterior paint and any interior details
  • Each module is wrapped in heavy plastic sheathing to protect the interior, and ready to be shipped.

When the modules arrive at your site, they require very little work when compared to all the work required on your typical site-built construction job. The 20 percent on-site work includes:

  • Placing the modules in the desired locations on the footers that have been pre-poured
  • Modules are connected together at the “mate lines” and trimmed out with finishing materials
  • Plumbing and electricity are connected to local sewage and electrical resources by the customer
  • Steps, decks, ramps or ground-level entries are constructed for building access.
  • Any other final details or details needing a local construction company are completed

This process is what allows us to have your new building to your site and completed in a very short amount of time, while a typical stick-built structure might take years!

If you’re trying to find a solution to your office, clinic, sales center or other space needs, just remember the 80/20 equation from Rose Office Systems!