Modular Buildings vs. Stick-Built: The Numbers Don’t Lie


There are many benefits to going with a modular building process that we talk about continuously: a shorter construction time, the “greener” construction process and the quality of the buildings themselves. Another major benefit of the modular building process is cost, which is perhaps the largest factor for those looking to build new space. A typical modular building cost per square foot will vary depending on the specifications.

Think of how a construction site looks for a traditional “stick-built” building: there’s concrete, wood boards, drywall, shingles, electrical and plumbing materials everywhere. There also may be some heavy or specialized machinery as well. Those things cost money, just like they do for modular construction. But they also cost money to transport there and to keep there, costs that get pushed to you, the customer. That’s where the modular building process and its efficiency comes into play financially speaking.

Because of the effectiveness of the modular construction process, modular buildings can be anywhere from 10-20 percent lower in cost, sometimes more. While it depends on the region of the country your business is located in, one website estimates that the cost per square foot for building a hospital can be anywhere from $225 to $300 per square foot in the Southeast.

I’m sure you are wondering “So, what is the cost per square foot for a modular building?”.  Our modular medical clinics average nearly half the price per square foot and meet the same code requirements as stick-built construction.

What about additions? Do you have the funds for over $200 per square foot and the time to wait 12 months or more for standard construction? Stick-built additions can also mean business down-time, meaning you’re spending money while not making any to offset the costs. Whether it’s the initial build or adding on to an existing building, going modular just makes good financial sense.

Rose Office Systems modular construction process helps keep costs low, and doing most of the building off-site means less business down-time and minimal interruptions for your employees and customers. Best of all, we have solutions for almost any industry, so we have a great understanding for your space needs.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get new space for your business, look no further than Rose Office Systems.