True or False? Truths and Myths about Modular Construction

There is a lot of buzz about modular construction right now. Some of it is true and fact-based, while some is as mythical as the fire-breathing dragons. Well, it’s time we had ourselves a good, old fashioned game of True or False to help separate fact from fiction when it comes to modular construction.

True or False: modular construction is gaining in popularity. TRUE! Modular building was named as one of Construction Digital Magazine’s 12 trends to watch for 2012, and it is becoming a preferred and often used technique for architects, contractors and engineers.

True or False: modular buildings are only temporary. FALSE! While modular buildings can be used as temporary housing or offices, a majority of modular buildings are permanent.

True or False: modular building is better at predicting costs. TRUE! Traditional construction projects have a nasty habit of going over time and over budget. Modular construction allows for the structure to be built no matter the weather so that materials are never damaged or ruined.

True or False: modular buildings are low quality. FALSE! They are held to the same International Building Codes as stick-built structures. Plus, being built indoors allows for greater management and quality control.

True or False: modular building is only popular in the U.S. FALSE! If anything, we’re behind other parts of the world. Large modular projects have already been completed in Europe (the 25-story dormitory at University of Wolverhampton in England), and huge projects are being planned in Asia (the 220-story Sky City modular skyscraper planned in China).

These are just a few myths and truths about modular construction. The fact is that building modular with Rose Offices costs less, is done faster and is both safe and environmentally-friendly.

With the ability to create solutions for almost any space needs, we are your source for quality modular buildings. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business!