Rev up Your Auto Dealership with a Modular Sales Center


You’ve loved cars since you were a little kid, watching your dad as he worked his car on weekends throughout your childhood. But now the time has come for you to build something of your own, and you’ve decided on creating a car dealership to help people find the vehicle of their dreams. If you are a car dealer looking for a new sales center, we can help design your dream building!

You have your business plan, you know exactly what makes and models of cars you want to sell and you have your name and business paperwork prepared with the city. You even have the ultimate location picked out. Now what? You need a building, but you can’t afford a traditionally constructed dealership and you can’t wait for months for it to be built. A call to Rose Office Systems can help solve your dilemma. You need to rev up your Auto Dealership with a modular sales center!

You can have the best selection of cars around, but customers may shy away if your sales office looks sketchy. We have a number of layouts to choose from that not only give you great flexibility, but are also prepared to help you make a great first impression with your potential buyers. Reception areas, offices, break rooms and conference rooms are available to help you create a unique buying process for your customers.

We can also help you give the sales office a personal feel that’s a far cry from the white walls and fluorescent lighting you see in many sales offices. With options for interior flooring and light fixtures to office furniture, we can help you create the one of a kind experience you need that separates your new dealership from everyone else.

With Rose Office Systems, you get low costs, quick turnaround times and quality construction. Your sales office is one of the keys to your success, so let a leader in modular sales office construction help you get yours up and running today!