Meet Our Team


Welcome to the Rose Office Systems team page!


Thank you for letting our family provide high-quality office spaces for over 20 years. As you can see from our bios below, we are a family-owned, Alabama-based business providing top quality commercial buildings that are made in the USA.

With each employee bringing so many years of experience to the table, the Rose Team is extremely knowledgeable and well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise with your project. You are in very capable hands when you purchase a building from us.

We all look forward to working with you and your company. We appreciate every client and strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction on each job. Please let us know how we can better serve you in the future.


The Cain Family- Garry, Julie and Beth

Garry Cain


Garry Cain, along with his wife, Barbara, founded Rose Office Systems in 1997.  After working in the modular building industry since 1986, he decided there was a better way to offer clients specialty modular solutions without the overwhelming corporate structure and bureaucracy.

Over the past 20+ years, Rose has grown from a small family-owned business to a leader in the modular construction industry thanks to Garry’s innovative ideas and determination to stay ahead of the curve. With over three decades of experience, his knowledge and expertise in modular building construction practices are absolutely unsurpassed in this industry.

In his spare time, Garry enjoys playing cards with family and making his grandchildren bubble over with laughter.

Administrative Team


Julie Tangle

Assistant Vice President/CFO

As Garry’s oldest daughter, Julie has spent 20 years as the Finance Manager at Rose.  Julie is the overseer of the company’s financial health and handles all of the day-to-day accounting, including Accounts Payable / Receivables, balancing the books and making sure those never-ending quarterly tax payments get to the IRS on time.

Julie is a fan of Troy University, Auburn football, Autism Awareness and Taco Casa. 

Beth Bryan


Beth creates 3D renderings and virtual tours of Rose buildings using a combination of software including Chief Architect, AutoCAD, and 20/20 Giza. As Garry’s youngest daughter, she became one of the very first Rose employees after graduating from college in 1999. She has decades of experience in smart space planning for commercial modular buildings and office furniture layouts.

On weekends, Beth hangs out with her husband and two kids at their lake house, bass fishing and blogging about home remodeling projects.


Valerie Nichols

Operations Manager

Valerie has worked in the modular building industry since the 1980s and has extensive knowledge of the modular building process. She offers excellent customer service, handles contract negotiations for the lease fleet and oversees the administrative tasks required for projects. Valerie has been a valued member of the Rose team for well over a decade and worked with Garry in the early 90’s as well.

Val is an avid dog lover and a fan of Alabama football who loves to spoil her grandbabies when they come to town.

Design Team


Brenda Lowe

Furniture Designer and Sales

Brenda came to Rose with many years of experience in the commercial office furniture industry. She designs furniture layouts, generates furniture quotes and oversees the installation of all of our furnished projects. With an eye for design, she also helps clients make color selections for the fabrics and finishes of their furniture, as well as the interior and exterior selections of their buildings.

Brenda enjoys entertaining, antiquing and spending time with her three daughters and grandchildren.

Martha Womble

AutoCAD Drafting and Design

Martha graduated in 1998 with a degree in Interior Design. After college, she spent many years working as a Designer for an Architectural firm that specialized in commercial healthcare and educational projects. Now she handles space planning, floor plan designs and 3D renderings for most of the buildings built by Rose.  She coordinates online meetings for the preliminary sketches and handles client requests for floor plan revisions. Once the client is satisfied, she works with the factory to make sure all of their ideas are brought to life– seeing projects all the way through to the final sign-off drawing.

Martha stays busy outside of Rose as mom to two beautiful girls, Alicia and Layla, along with her husband Mike.

Project Installation Team


Shannon Posey

Project Manager

Shannon handles project estimations, offers guidance on mechanical and technical issues and follows jobs through their delivery and setup process.  Closing out jobs with customer satisfaction is Shannon’s specialty at Rose. He has been a hard-working, dedicated and valuable asset to the Rose team since 2010.

As a father of three, Shannon stays busy outside of Rose coaching sports teams and spending time with his wife, BJ.

Anita Winslett

Executive Assistant and Purchasing

As Garry’s Executive Assistant, Anita is valued at Rose as a critical support pillar for the team.  She serves as the schedule-keeper and task-organizer for every job that passes over Garry’s desk and is the secret weapon to ensure goals are met and daily operations run smoothly.  She has an extensive customer service background and a can-do attitude that helps every Rose employee stay focused on the tasks at hand. If you speak to Garry on the phone, chances are good that Anita is listening and taking notes.

Away from Rose, Anita spends her weekends visiting her son and future daughter-in-law in Tuscaloosa and rooting for the University of Alabama at football games.

Bo Winslett

Sales Manager

Bo’s background well prepared him for life at Rose. With a Bachelor of Business Administration along with Industrial Engineering, HVAC and Industrial Electrical experience, the road to Rose seemed natural.  The road took a few turns with 25 years as an EMT/firefighter, sales management for a steel processing company and sales, production planning and plant management with a furniture manufacturer.

Bo’s passion has always been people related;  from coaching little league baseball, teaching a teen Sunday School class, to tailgating with friends during football season.  But as time permits, you will find him hiking the Appalachian Trail in the backcountry or taking in the peacefulness of boating the many rivers or gulf coast of Alabama and occasionally wetting a hook.

To ask Bo, you would find his real calling is helping people.  We are glad he is part of the family.

Coy Briscoe

National Account Manager

Born and bred in the heart of Texas, I’ve spent 20 years in the modular building industry. I have extensive experience in all phases of the process, including manufacturing, transportation & logistics and onsite installations, overseeing the assembly of over 10 million square feet of modular structures.

Outside of the construction world, I find peace and enjoyment in bass fishing and the thrill of deer hunting. These outdoor pursuits allow me to recharge and reconnect with nature amidst the bustling life of Woodlands, TX, where I currently reside.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my career is working directly with clients, guiding them from the initial design brainstorming sessions through to the final turnover of their dream projects. This collaborative approach ensures that each customer’s vision is not only met but exceeded, leaving them satisfied and inspired by the finished product.

Wade Edmonds

Director of Construction Services

Wade has worked in the modular building industry since 2013 as a Construction Manager and Director of Construction for some of the nation’s largest modular providers, with extensive knowledge in the commercial and precast modular processes.

With a degree in Construction Management Technology, he has been in the construction field for many years, managing countless projects throughout the Southeast.

In 2017, he was able to negotiate and manage one of the largest modular projects happening in the USA at that time, with over 400+ units going to the $8.1 billion Sasol plant expansion in Lake Charles, LA. Comprising traditional modular and blast-rated modular units, this project had extremely high requirements for safely delivering units in an active chemical plant, where they had zero safety incidents.

In his free time, he enjoys watching sports and spending time with his ever-growing family.

Dusty Gilmore

Building Installation

Dusty grew up in the modular building installation industry, working alongside his father Gordon at Gilmore Construction since he was a teenager. Now he travels with his crew installing Rose modular buildings on job sites across the Southeast.  Dusty operates a unique piece of equipment called a Trans-Lift that can pick up an entire building module and place it onto the footings with ease. Dusty and his crew are responsible for following the factory engineered blueprints to make sure every Rose building meets local and state codes during installation.

In his spare time, Dusty is an avid hunter who cannot wait for deer and turkey season to begin each year.