Starting a New Business? Go Modular and Cut Financing Period/Costs in Half!


One of the hardest parts of starting a business is financing your location and waiting to open its doors.  With modular construction, your waiting period is cut in half and financing is made cheaper and easier with shorter financing periods.  These are just two of the many benefits new business owners experience when choosing to go modular!

Quality Construction

Many people see modular construction as lower quality, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  When you order a modular office, most or all of the structure is built in a factory where building materials remain undamaged by outdoor elements.  This also allows for factory production using machines that are unavailable on construction sites, offering the highest quality production possible.

Lowered Costs/Faster ROI

Since the construction timeline is significantly shorter when choosing modular, this means your financing periods will be shorter and thus lowering your financing costs.  You’ll also be up and running in half the time it would take with conventional construction, meaning you are starting to get your return on investment three months faster than you would have with stick built construction.

Economy of Scale

With the majority of the construction happening in a factory, you benefit from the economy of scale.  Our manufacturer is also a Wholesale distributor, which equals cost savings for our customers.  You also avoid having waste materials litter your jobsite and disrupt your neighboring businesses.  Additionally, you have no worry of material damage or theft and greatly decrease the likelihood of a jobsite injury when choosing modular.

If you choose modular, talk to Rose Office Systems.  We’ll work with you on either a custom design or choose from our many modular office floor plans that range from less than 1,000 square foot to more than 5,000 square foot of office space, restrooms, break rooms and conference rooms.  Our modular offices are built with high-quality materials and attractive exteriors.

If you have any questions about modular construction or would like to get started on a floor plan for your new business, call Rose Office Systems today!