Top 5 Functions of the Modular Jobsite Office for Construction Projects

Modular Jobsite OfficeWhen your construction project will last months to possibly years, you need a professional setting to keep operations running smoothly.  Modular offices or trailers are a fast and affordable solution for conference space, maintaining administrative programs and offering training space for new employees at the jobsite or remote location.  Here are the top five reasons modular office space is a must-have at your next jobsite.

Secure Space for Phone, Fax and Computer

A modular office at the jobsite would provide a secure area for communications technology such as your phone, fax machine and computers.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Space for Construction Documents

Every jobsite needs the full and current set of construction documents such as the agenda, contracts, record drawings or as-built drawings and employee safety posters, which can be stored and displayed in the modular office along with the required first-aid equipment.

Desk Space for Management

One of the most important functions of the modular jobsite office is desk space for management staff including the superintendent, jobsite clerk and field engineers.

Space for Foremen Operations

Some of our more advanced modular jobsite offices feature easy access for foremen to access and complete their timecards or reports.

Storage for Valuable Materials

At many jobsites, security of valuable materials can be a problem.  Another function of the modular jobsite office is lockable storage for tools or material.  In some cases, security systems are setup for extra protection.

Rose Office Systems offers small, medium and large floor plans to meet project needs including space for management, training rooms, restrooms, conference rooms and administrative cubicles at the jobsite.  We greatly value our customers and work hard to provide quality offices with superior customer service.

If you have any questions about modular construction or would like to get started on modular office space for your next jobsite, call Rose Office Systems today!