Toyota Dealership gets Modular Sales Center for Used Car Division

A preowned car sales center is the perfect opportunity to utilize modular construction. This dealership in North Alabama needed a building for their salesmen in a side lot off the main dealership. Rose Office Systems built a specialty building that fit their needs and provided a low cost alternative to site built construction.

This building had a false parapet wall added around the top to create some extra height to the overall building. The wall is decorative only, and does not support any weight.

Used Car Dealership Modular Office

The interior was finished on site with mud, taped and painted walls and a red checkered floor to match the existing flooring in the main dealership.

Modular Office with custom tile

The sales cubicles were constructed using half walls at 60″ high that were finished on site with a trim package. This was a simple way to create cubicles that have electrical outlets and J-boxes for data and phone lines placed to your specifications.

These half walls can be built by the factory using our standard vinyl covered gypsum and batten strips as an alternative that would eliminate the need for any site work.

Private offices for the sales manager and the finance departments were included, along with public restrooms and a small break area.   

If your car dealership or sales office is looking to add more space, please browse our photo gallery for more photos and ideas on how to construct your new modular building!